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(ノ´﹏`)ノ 彡 lɐuɹnoſ

I apologize for taking so long for any updates with TD, in general (not these past few weeks, but the years before that). I understand that not many people are as interested as they used to be in it, because of the lack of updates... and for that, I apologize. (I don't blame you.) Regarding that recent poll, you guys really don't care (well most of you, lol) if it takes me another 15 yrs. to finish the story??

As for the others who just wanted the text version (if I take too long), I at least want to reach a certain point before I think about ending it. Whether I make it all the way to the total end of the comic or not (which, when mapped out, seems to be 16+ chapters), we shall see. I don't think I would like giving the script to some, and not to others. Too many spoiler opportunities...:P But this has gotten so far along in my head, that it's like a cancer almost, lol, so I need to get it out, somehow. Hence, why I am writing it all out first. But still, things may change as I draw it, so...

But the same sort of goes for my original works too. I need to get them out, also. And I don't have much spare time between work-work to do both (at least, consistently). So... We shall see...

I just need to practice, in general, more. XD Whether it be originals or not, lol. (But how will I get better at my own, original stories (and ever be a real pro) if I don't practice doing them?)

Don't get me wrong; I would still like to finish it/TD (in drawn/comic form), someday, but if people are just not as interested as they used to be, then what can I do? (???) Now, this doesn't mean that I ONLY do my stories to please other people-- that is what I am actually trying to avoid (being a people-pleaser)-- but I WOULD like it if others were to like it... If I can brighten someone's day or make someone think with my stories/art.

Maybe it is just ME who is not all that interested... I mean, I AM, but, I still need to work on my original comics too... maybe I can do both? It just seems so very heavy to juggle such long projects at once... and I don't like seeing things, unfinished... (As for "that" one Gh/Vi fanfic I did long ago... don't think I will complete that one, but *that's* for other reasons...(other than time, etc... >_> ))

I'm trying to figure out which choice I would regret the least... like if I died tomorrow, which story would I feel the worst at not completing?...

I just don't know >_>... (Well, I kind of know, but do I have the courage/will to act on it?)

I just feel bad for submitting, and I don't have time to check out people's pages like I used to, properly, to thank them, etc., or just because I'm interested to see what they're doing. DA is kind of... not as big/important to me as it was, in the past... (is it just me?) But it doesn't mean the people are less important... I just suck at keeping in touch with others. (Facebook/in person is easier. XD) So, the problem is just probably all me XD. I just have to figure out what I am going to do with my incongruent self... -_- (since all of my inner parts are basically disagreeing with one another). Well, that journal kind of came out of nowhere! lol.

Goodnight! :P (Gotta try to get over my cold...)

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As much as I want to just finish up the story in like, a year (one chapter a month, like a normal mangaka), I regrettably have this thing called 'a job' that I have to go to... orz. (But at least, I won't feel like I'm rushing on it, just to 'get it done.' (Then the same crappyness will happen as it did in chapter 8 when I had to redo those pages... agh.)) (|||-_-)
Me: "Oh, I'll just do the thumbnails in digital and the regular pencils in traditional..."
*1/2 hour later*
Me: "How did the whole page get digitally penciled already... darn."
Okay, end of chapter 15 is completed...(written) STILL NOT IN THE THIRD ACT. SOMEONE HELP ME. (xD) (Almost there though xD...)
So, I am working on (writing) the Trunks' Date comic, and... why is it 12 chapters already?! (I'm not even in the 3rd act yet!) orzzzzz
This 'new' DA layout is super-weird... haha (I'm late to the game, as usual)...


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Personal Quote: "You will never know your full potential unless you provide no limitations."

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